Our Approach

New Ownership!

We believe in smoking our meats using only premium hardwoods at a low temperature for a long time to make sure our meats have that rich, smoky flavor.

We make everything in house, from our salads to our Mac n Cheese, and our excellent sauces are unique and add to the incredible BBQ experience!

We also believe in exceptional service and treating everyone like family! Your experience here will be unforgettable and you'll always enjoy coming back!

Our Story

Our Story

Hi! We are James and Liz Ogden and we love serving great BBQ to great friends!

Liz grew up here in the valley, moved to Florida, met James and she brought him home to beautiful Wyoming.

Liz's family has always owned restaurants, so the restaurant business is in her blood. James is the BBQ expert and has always been fascinated by the artistry and creativity behind smoking.  He loves trying new things. He has even smoked coleslaw!

Come and meet the "BBQ Wizards".  You will get the best BBQ around!

Take a look at our menu. Come and get the best BBQ around!

261 N Main St. Thayne, Wy 83127